Make a change in the lives of little ones in Trenton, NJ today! image

Make a change in the lives of little ones in Trenton, NJ today!

Every baby deserves to have enough diapers to be healthy, safe, and dry!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Other Ways to Donate & Why Donate:

Checks can be made out to "The Maker's Place" and mailed to: The Maker's Place, PO Box 54, Trenton, NJ 08601

The Maker's Place is diaper bank and budding neighborhood resource center supporting Trenton area families with basic necessities and parental support.

Our work makes a difference because without diapers, babies cannot attend daycare or participate in early childhood education programs. Without early education and childcare, parents cannot go to work.

Our work matters because the little ones in our lives do not schedule when they are going to need a new diaper. Just like we don't schedule when we are going to reach for a diaper and come up empty. Diapers are a basic necessity for our little ones; and yet, 1 in 2 families in the United States struggle to provide enough clean diapers to keep their little ones healthy, safe, and dry each month.

Together, we can make every diaper count!